A business directory is a searchable website which lists businesses within niche based categories, or as a catalogue of websites.  It includes entries about websites, including links to those websites, organized into categories and subcategories.

Whether your business is purely online or you run a small local outfit, online business directories have a role to play in your marketing strategy and can be a powerful tool for increasing your business’ reach.

Step 1

Visit the vedicglobabusiness.org home page by typing the below in the address bar of your browser


Step 2

On the top right-hand corner of the home page click on the ADD LISTING button

Step 3

Selection the option type (Free, Popular or Platinum) option

Step 4

Input your business details correctly

Business Name
ABN Number
Full Address – Type the address
City – Select the relevant City – helps in search
Website address
Business Owner Name

Category: Select the closest category

Price Details of your service: Select the range of your product/services

Business Hours: Select the hours of operation of the business Monday to Sunday

Social Media Section: Use the dropdown to select relevant social media and click [+] symbol

Frequently Asked Questions Section:
Add the most frequently asked questions by your customers and answers for the same. Click + symbol to add more

More Info:
input relevant information regarding your services, products etc. Add at least a few paragraphs about the business, branches and other related information

Tags or Keywords:
Enter the name of the services, products, your business name, and any other keywords.  Keywords help to bring your business name in the search results and helps in ranking of your listing.

Image Gallery:

Upload at least 2 banner images
Image type Jpeg / jpg /png
each image size – max 300kb
dimensions 600 pix wide / 400 pix high

Upload Features Image:
Upload Business logo or a Featured image which will be shown as part of your listing on the listing page.

Add additional branch information if any.

Step 5

Submit the listing

Once submitted the listing will be held for moderation to check the authenticity of the listing and its conformance with Vedic Global terms and conditions, more information about terms and conditions can be found here>>>

Once approved the listing will be made live on the website.