A business directory is a searchable website which lists businesses within niche based categories, or as a catalogue of websites.  It includes entries about websites, including links to those websites, organized into categories and subcategories.

Whether your business is purely online or you run a small local outfit, online business directories have a role to play in your marketing strategy and can be a powerful tool for increasing your business’ reach.

The purpose of business directories is to provide your customers with the information they need to become aware of, contact, locate and otherwise interact with your businesses.

Benefits for a business:

Digital Presence – You don’t need to have a website to use directory listing for a small business or a startup the listing on Vedic Global Directory is as good as having a full-featured website.

Visibility – You business is presented to the world. Increase web traffic to your website and your website will have backlinks and also may rank higher.  Also improves your local visibility. Local business directories are useful for targeting customers in your local community.

Connectivity – Connect with your customers faster, interact with them and also get their feedback, reviews and recommendations.

Affordable – Online Business Directories are the easiest, cheapest and effective return on investment media to promote and market your businesses and products.  Directory listing is significantly cheaper than other methods of advertising

Importance of keywords and tags:
By ensuring that your business details are accurate and you have included the possible keywords and tags while setting up your listing, you can increase your chances of getting discovered whenever customers search for services or products like yours, even if they don’t search your business name directly.

This comes in handy as a majority of customers don’t search for a business name when looking for a service or product.

Other benefits:

Business directory sites create solid backlinks.
Your website or business can be easily indexed by search engines.
You can choose which local places to target.
You can start developing brand awareness.
You can add keywords and tags to promote your products.
Vedic Global Directory promotes its website and in turn, it will promote your listing.
This provides you with an edge over your competitors.